Stage hypnosis is performed in front of an audience for the purposes of entertainment, usually in a theatre or club. Expert opinion is divided over whether participants' responses are best explained as being due to an altered state of consciousness ("hypnotic trance") or by a combination of deliberate deception and ordinary social psychological factors such as disorientation, compliance, peer pressure, and ordinary suggestion.
A modern stage hypnosis performance regularly delivers a comedic performance rather than a demonstration to impress an audience with powers of persuasion - effects of amnesia, mood altering and hallucination are demonstrated in a normal performance. Stage hypnosis performances often encourage audience members to further look into the benefits of mind power.

Hypnosis is as safe on stage as most other interactive or audience participation entertainment when it is practiced by a professionally skilled hypnotists like Adam, Chris or Ian

"The stars of a live hypnotic show are its audience and so audience participation is an essential ingredient"

Corporate Entertainment, Cabaret, Hotels, Theatres, Cruises, Holiday Camps, Clubs, Society functions, Universities, Colleges, Weddings, Private Parties, etc...